Individual and Team Competitions are coming to Black Flag in January!Black Flag will be hosting both an Individual & a 4 Person Team Competition on back to back days. (January 10th & 11th) So mark it on your calendars & keep training hard! (Open to both BF Members & Non-BF Members)

At Black Flag CrossFit we work with people and athletes of all backgrounds, abilities, and fitness levels in a safe and supportive atmosphere under the watchful eye of experienced coaches. Whether you are already competing in a sport, wanting to live a larger and more active lifestyle, or simply want to feel your best, we have the knowledge and the coaching staff to help you achieve YOUR goals.

We have built our program on 3 Pillars of Success:
I. PROGRAM DESIGN –Scheduled and organized based on Energy Systems
II. MOVEMENT COACHING – Applied with an understanding of BioMechanics and Safety
III. WELCOMING COMMUNITY – Encouraged and supported by all members and coaches

Black Flag Crossfit

  • (440) 334-6955

  • 33750 Lear Industrial Parkway, Avon, OH 44011

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